Welcome to the gentle massage treatment of Chinese and Finnish traditional medicine!
Susa Tyrniluoto's therapy room Jazmine offers massage treatments that combine methods of Chinese traditional medicine and Finnish healing traditions. 
The massage treatment of Chinese traditional medicine – or acupressure massage – has been developed over thousands of years. Although acupuncture is more commonly known in the West, acupressure massage is a central part of this traditional medicine. 
Finnish joint correction, on the other hand, focuses on treating the body's misalignments. The treatment method is a gentle and tender massage aimed at supporting the body's natural balance and mobility.
The treatment is carried out on a therapy table, and you can remain dressed in light clothing throughout the session. The duration of the treatment is about an hour. 
You can find Jazmine in the heart of Tampere, at Aleksanterinkatu 28 A​​​​​​​
Price List: 
30-minute massage treatment: 
60-minute relaxing full-body massage treatment: 
Energy healing: 
Prices include 24% VAT.
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Susa Tyrniluoto | Practitioner of Chinese traditional medicine, Art therapy facilitator, Visual artist
About my treatments
My journey into traditional Chinese medicine began with Baihui Ry's courses in Helsinki from 2003-2004. Although we initially practised treatment with acupuncture needles, I found acupressure massage to be a more pleasant method.
Traditional Chinese medicine aims to balance the body, strengthen its own defence mechanisms, and support healing through various methods. These methods are based on a theory of body acupoints and meridians, tested over thousands of years.
Although treatment with acupuncture needles is often the only known method in the West, massage treatment has always played a central role in traditional Chinese medicine.
Welcome to experience the effects of the treatments yourself! The space is safe for everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality!
You can read more about traditional Chinese medicine in the article I have written.
For more information about my artistic work, visit tyrniluoto.fi.
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