Welcome to the gentle massage treatment of Chinese traditional medicine!
Susa Tyrniluoto | Practitioner of Chinese traditional medicine, Art therapy facilitator, Visual artist
I offer Chinese traditional medicine massage treatments in the heart of Tampere, at Aleksanterinkatu 28 A.
The treatment is performed on a massage table and can be done over light clothing. It is painless and can be adapted to your needs. I also provide a satisfaction guarantee! If you don't feel any improvement or relief from your condition, I will refund your visit fee!*
I offer treatments including relaxing facial and head massage, and half-body and full-body massage therapy.
Making an appointment is easy - call or message +358-(0)41 502 3651, or fill out the form below. 
*Detailed instructions for making a complaint can be found in section 5 of the terms and conditions.

Current prices for the treatment: 
Facial and head massage: 39 €
Half-body: €55 
Full-body: €95
A Journey into Traditional Chinese Medicine
My journey into traditional Chinese medicine began with Baihui Ry's courses in Helsinki from 2003-2004. Although we initially practised treatment with acupuncture needles, I found acupressure massage to be a more pleasant method.
Traditional Chinese medicine aims to balance the body, strengthen its own defence mechanisms, and support healing through various methods. These methods are based on a theory of body acupoints and meridians, tested over thousands of years.
Although treatment with acupuncture needles is often the only known method in the West, massage treatment has always played a central role in traditional Chinese medicine.
Welcome to experience the effects of the treatments yourself!
You can read more about traditional Chinese medicine in the article I have written.
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